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Danny B.


Texas | 78410

United States


Guitar, Vocals

About me - I have been a music man for as long as I can remember...pretty much taught myself everything. Never took vocal lessons, guitar lessons, or anything. Just me sitting down for hours and hours learning how to play, along with keeping my vocals as natural as it can be. Well it all started with being a child, picking up my grandfather's old acoustic guitars. They were pretty beaten up at the time, a bunch of cracks and the strings were...not all strings. They were like thin wires of some sort, but I still always liked to pick up the guitar and just strum away that horribly tuned instrument. Of course like I said, I was a little kid so the guitar was too big for me. But later on until I was 13, I started to pick up my grandfather's old guitars again, even though the guitars were way too old...I still made the best of it. At the age of 16 I finally had two guitars of my own! The first one I got was a Fender acoustic that my cousin Carlitos gave me, and months later my father got me a BC Rich KKV. So after many years of being around instruments, I feel I have learned so much. And yet, there's still much more to be learned. I don't know where music will take me, but I know that it's worth the ride.


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A cover off from the Air disc in The Alchemy Index album, originally performed by Thrice.

United States, Texas

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Sad But True

A vocal cover with the instrumental track.

United States, Texas

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