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Alabama AL United States

Eddie Donnellan

United States

Founder of Band Jam It

Kristen Dyak

United States

I have been a Bass Player for 14 years. I play an Ibanez SR400 4 string. I also use a CryBaby Wa and Ibanez Smash Box distortion peddle. I like most all type of music,...

Chris D

New York NY United States

Bass/Keyboard player with over 35 years experience. Currently playing a Steinberger Spirit. Would like to find a relaxed situation of playing once or twice a week, maybe...

Susan Donnellan

New York NY United States

Love God, my Family and Music!

Jay Hammad

New York NY United States

Love music although I do not play any istrument or sing! Appreciate it in all forms and varieties! May bandjamit rock on forever!

Bridget Donnellan

New York NY United States

nick zurko

Ohio OH United States