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Louie Mann

New York | 11358

United States


Other, Tambourine, Vocals

About me - A stage front-man who sings it as it is, Lou Mann’s vocals are anything but dishonest and they speak of broken relationships and moving on, ensuring us with his full use of deep emotional sincerity. Woven with melancholy lyrics, harmonic soundscapes and haunting melodies, no one gives sweeter voice to the dueling forces of heartache and love & loss than this modern-day troubadour. Lou performs on stage in the virtual world of Second Life where he uses an avatar to sing for a global audience. Streamed live, his choice of songs are a vast collection of music from the 60's-90's and today's popular hits. View songlist: Website:


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"Frame" Original

Vocals by Lou Mann Track 1 on Bruised Apple-Time Expired available at:...

United States, New York

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Lou Mann Singing...

Hailing from NYC, Louie Mann (AKA Lou Mannock) has been involved for more than a decade...

United States, New York

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