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Young Sya

Maryland | 21040

United States



About me - Born in Queens, New York & raised in Maryland.Young Sya has been making a name as a local underground artist. With dreams of one day becoming known in society to change and influence a new way of "Hip-Hop Expression". Ever since Mekal Knight(Young Sya) was 6 years old, people around him knew that music was his calling. As he became older he began to get into poetry, which later formed into lyrics. At the age of 11, he made it clear that he wanted to make positive music that brought change to the game. Now 17, with a small fan base behind him, gives him the motivation to keep on going. With his unique voice and style, he is a very different artist and induvidual. He hopes to stay with music as long as possible, and to expose his talent to the world.


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