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Valerio Molinari

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Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Vocals, Bass, Flute

About me - well.... I love music... i started playing the piano since i was 11, 1 year after i started guitar and now i've been playing the bass guitar for 2 years... The bass is absolutely my favorite instrument and i play it almost 5 hours a day. My favorite band is RHCP and i've got their whole discography on my ipod I love to compose songs, at the moment i'm trying to create an album but i want to produce it only when i will be 18, i'm yet 17 for now. I come from italy and perhaps i've already did a lot of mistakes in my profile but try to be kind XD I'd like to know more people so, see you soon ;)


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Knock Me Down...

That's My Cover of The Red Hot Chili Peppers' Knock me down, in the album Mother's Milk

Italy, Perugia

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